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Dirt Taker, Heart Cleanser

Got dirt? Something unclean? It won’t stop God! His Heavenly resume includes the following:

  • Genesis 2:7-Formed man from the dust of the ground.
  • Mark1:41-Touched a leper and declared him clean.
  • Mark 5:41-Touched a dead girl and brought her back to life.
  • John 8:6-Removed a woman’s accusers by writing words in the ground with my finger.
  • John 9:6-Healed a blind man by making clay eye salve from my spit and a little dirt.
  • John 13:5-Exemplified servant-leadership by washing my friends’ feet.

But what about invisible dirt—internal yucky stuff? If I pour it out can He handle it?

Crimson dirt cries, “Yes!”

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