Contributor Badge 1+    I am a Christ follower, a writer of devotionals and inspirational poetry, a wife, a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. I hope you find some encouraging words for life’s journey.

Writing Credits

Arizona Horizon

Dallas Morning News

Daughters of Zion Newsletter

Greenville Herald Banner

Focus on Alabama

Louisiana Challenger

PWF ezine


The Verb

Texas School Health Bulletin


Chicken Soup for the Soul–What I Learned from the Dog

What I Learned from God While Cooking-contributor

1st place Devotional, Sept. 2006, North Texas Christian Writers Conference

Presentations Available

Crossing the Bridge–From Aspiring Writer to Published Writer

From the desire to write to the polished prose, this step-by-step power point presentation will boost your confidence and motivate you to submit your manuscript for publication.

For more information send email to hanerm@yahoo.com

6 responses to “About

  1. Julie Allen

    Sis. Mary,
    Good for you! I think your page is wonderful. I will stop by and visit when I can.

  2. Trish Fleming

    Sis. Mary: Lottie sent me your link…I love it! I think everyone should have their own “It’s A Wonderful Life”…in the form of a book…or better yet, a website! Good going! And thanks for the memorial to Bro. McManus. Along with you and many others, I hope to help see his dream….and Jesus’…come TRUE! Mine is also a life that was changed. I miss him. Blessings, Trish Fleming

  3. wow!!! this website is awesome i never knew you were so talented. you are awesome keep up the good work. your rememberance of bro. mcmanus is great i miss him so much i only wished i had got to know him longer.

  4. Mary, I enjoy reading your page . Its my thread to Living Word . Love ya,Beth

  5. I truly enjoy your site.I’m a firm believer in sharing the gospel. The question isn’t, have you been to church, but have you been to the cross?
    We need to teach more about the blood of Jesus.
    When we plead the blood, even the devil can’t cross. Anyway maybe we can continue another time. God bless.

  6. You are right it is up to us to keep the word of God moving forward. He tells us to go into all the nations,not just our family or only our friends. Keep up the good work. God bless.

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