Jesus My Rock

oey3olcah90i0wca9wepc4cax0hl86cap782winterlighthouse.jpg“Grandma is this a front cold?”

“Yes Michaela, I think it is,” I answered as I took my grandaughter’s hand and ran toward the car. She must have heard her Dad (my oldest son) and I talking earlier about the expected cold front.

Before we entered the store, the wind was calm and the temperature was in the 70s. Ten minutes later, we stepped outside to a blast of wintry air and cold misty rain. The sudden chill sent us scurrying to our warm Toyota shelter.

Life’s climate can change suddenly too. One phone call delivering tragic news can cause our lives to go off course. The death of a loved one, a serious illness or a severed relationship can chill us with shock and disbelief. Yet in spite of life’s “front colds” our God is constant (Malachi 3:61).  He doesn’t change.

So when I’m overwhelmed, I sprint to the one who’s steadfast and sure. I run to Jesus–my rock.

From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.  Psalm 61:2 


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5 responses to “Jesus My Rock

  1. Michel

    This is so wonderful! I love your page.

  2. Mary

    I really love your blog! Good job Sis! I am looking forward to reading many more encouraging words!

  3. cathy

    Hey Mary,

    Love your blog. May the Lord bless all who read it and bless you as well.


  4. Very nice, I’m sure many will be blessed and find encouragement here.

  5. Terry O.

    Sis. Mary,

    And what a blessing your words are and no doubt will continue to be. I will be sharing your blog with others so they can share the blessings of your anointed talent!

    And yes, He is called a rock, but Oh What A Rock!

    Still Shoutin’,
    Bro. Oxner

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