Don’t Ask the Blessing, Offer One


Why do we pray before meals? Habit? Tradition? For the answer, click here:

When I read this eight years ago it changed my pre-meal perspective and consequently my prayer. Now instead of asking God to bless my food, I bless God, the provider of my food.



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5 responses to “Don’t Ask the Blessing, Offer One

  1. Mary

    Sis Mary,

    I loved this story about blessing our Father, the provider for our food! I have never thought of it that way.

    Thank you!

  2. mary

    Thanks Mary.
    Isn’t it neat how we do something for years and then our perspective is changed? When I read this, it revolutioned saying “grace.”
    Hope to see you soon,

  3. Belinda Williams

    Mary this is wonderful teaching and perspective. Blessings to you and yours.. Belinda
    P.S. sorry I haven’t been by to read all your wonderful writings have been into studying the Word and Nursing and no excuses I will be back wonderful thought of encouragement…

  4. Damodar

    Its lovely and over all we need to thank God for every provision and praise God for his promises and blessed be his name. thanks and God bless you.

  5. Very interesting, thanks for sharing!

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